Some of my own current pictures and some sent to me to use here, if you have something you'd like to share please send it to me rather than the list, thanks!!

Manchester Today

Ontario Central runs 13 miles of the LV. Here is their RS36 at CH tower in 1995, scanned from a slide published in Railpace. This engine undoubtedly ran through at least once, being NKP 865/ N&W 2865 (2869 is shown at Sayre in LV In Color V1)

Manchester Bridge

More Manchester

This bridge appears in LV In Color V1 in an eastward view. This is a westward shot from August 1992. Note the extra support post. Today? A grade crossing - for ONCT 10 cars would be a long train, so a bridge isn't needed even at state route 96. (collection of Bill Kisselstein) This style of bridge may be unique to the LV, and appears in numerous places even today.

Odessa Today

These pictures were taken in June 1998 on the freight main between Van Etten Jct. and Geneva, this underpass of State Rt. 224 still in place and in fine shape - unlike the RT 13 underpass just east of here -

Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3

Note this bridge, the same type as Manchester, is a conventional plate-girder on the inside (pic 3) - why the horizontal outer ribs?

Vosburg Tunnel

From Frank Czajkowski, this view of the east portal. Many classic pictures show a small station at right, torn down by Conrail. This is only 3/10 of a mile from the segment operated by the Reading and Northern.

Meshoppen Station

West View

Also from Frank this view of the station at Meshoppen, now used for storage of some sort - possibly related to the nearby gas station? Also, my own shot looking the other way, from 1995 -

Towanda Station

More from Frank - this is the station at Towanda, with the Towanda-Monroeton Shipper's Lifeline track at right and what appears to be an original LV whistle post, which seem to be virtually extinct on Conrail portions of the west end.

Towanda Station

This is the freight station, brick, also still standing next to the TMSL tracks. The main line crossed the Susquehanna (behind station) about a mile west (left) of here.

LV Wood Caboose 95271

Frank found this well-worn gem of an LV wooden caboose in Wysox, right next to Rt. 6. I don't remember it being here 3 years ago (last time I went past Towanda). Also here was this critter, looking to be a 2 foot gauge Vulcan industrial diesel - from a steel mill perhaps? End of caboose shows in this shot as well; the cowcatcher is a recent addition.

LV Steel Caboose

This unnumbered caboose is one of three ex-D&H cabooses in Dryden NY, about a mile from the actual LV ROW (now a hiking path). The LV heritage is obvious (phase II? Has round porthole windows), as is the D&H (new steps). Also here is a wide-vision caboose (D&H orig or RDG??) and an unusual D&H transfer caboose. Taken from moving car (probably could not have done much better on foot due to trees).

LV Steel Cab 95033

The Central New York Chapter NRHS's LV caboose, 95033 - April 3rd this year. Windows are boarded because of vandalism troubles and rotted original frames - remainder of caboose is in excellent condition and serviceable. Peeking in at left is ex-Steamtown "Lackawanna 637," a former MILW FP7.

Classic Sayre

L to R : 304, 213, and 301 (with another GP9/18 behind) in the yellow band scheme. Taken by my father in 1972-3, before I was even born! I found this enlargement and uploaded it in two versions - one sharpened twice, the other sharpened 3 times and cropped. There are more of these to come if I can ever find the %*@% photo album. J Note the plow on the 213, huge and unusual -

Sayre Today

Shot 1 - Shot 2

Shot 3 - Shot 4

4 different shots from 1995: Sayre Station, The villiage looking west from next to the station, and 2 shots of the car shops. Now used by GE Railcar Repair, they are probably better maintained now than they were 20 years ago. Note the truckless Railbox, and the SW1 567 (6 cyl) at right.

Waverly Today

This UNL is westbound under the EL.. err Southern Tier Line at State Line, June 17th 1998. Only 3 of those engines are under power; this train took 3 hours to get out of Sayre after needing to swap engines around. West end of the yard is out of service and getting overgrown.

L&NE Alco S2

Closer view

Coming home from a trip to Indiana in 1996 I took shots each way at this rural grade crossing in Emporia, IN (south of Anderson) and caught this orange Alco. I've since learned that it's possibly the last remaining Lehigh & New England locomotive anywhere. Wish I had known then!!! This line is a short (10 miles?) remnant of a NYC line from Elkhart to Lousville. The LV operated some LNE track after the CNJ pulled out ot PA in 1972.

Auburn NY


Two views from 1992: The roundhouse, still standing and used for storage, and a shot of Conrail WAGY-12 on LV rail at the Agway plant. Finger Lakes Railway now runs here. This engine, CR/PC 7938, is one of the last GP38's going to PC and may be a unit ordered by the LV and canceled previous to getting the AC's.

Geneva Station

Shot 2 - Shot 3

These views were taken in 1992; the building is slowly being restored and looked much the same 3 years later. All tracks and bridges are gone here.

Batavia NY

This bridge is just west of Batavia and past the end of existing trackage now operated by the GVT Rail System. It's another one of the "Horizontal Plate Girder" types.

D&H interchange


The black and white is a shot I bought at a show of the Sharks on the Owego run (1975). Second shot is two former LV units on the D&H in 1992, at East Binghamton. (Taken from a camper dealership closed on this Sunday, with a zoom lens).

Manchester today:

Four 1992-era shots of Manchester yard: L-R of the roundhouse and one of the coaling tower. Is this the only remaining LV coal tower? There are at least 3 roundhouses left.

Shot 1 - Shot 2 - Shot 3 - Shot 4

Lehigh Valley Steam!

B&W I bought with the shark pic, all taken in Sayre way back. If anyone recognizes these and wants them removed please let me know - I thought they should be put to good use.

0-8-0 3188 - Pacific 2018 - Wyoming 5208

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