To start things off, I've uploaded a batch of things from my own personal collection, including timetable pages, blank forms, train data sheets and other things - since I was 2 when Conrail was formed, I don't have many pictures of actual LV trains!


Train Data Sheet #1


Apollo 1, 2/12/70 - GP38AC-RS11-RS11-C420 - will be doing work at Buffalo before running through, unusual

Train Data Sheet #2


Apollo 2, 4/12/70 - unusual power consist of RS11-F3B-GP9, at this time this is not premium power

Train Data Sheet #3


Eastbound Extra, undated 1971 with F7A-RS11 consist

Train Data Sheet #4

Can you read this symbol? J 2-13-71 with C420's

Clearance Card

Clearance Card for train above. This is something like today's Form-D, but also requires a train order.

Blank Train Order

Blank order from the LV rule book - rulebooks printed in 1953 got updates all the way to the end, apparently there was no money or need to print any more!

Bulletin Order

The Lehigh used them too - This one is for former CNJ territory, effective 4/23/74 - almost one month after my birth (!!) This is actually more like a timetable with almost 50 pages and a 12 page general order in the back, all mimeographed and stapled together.

Ithaca Fuel Bill

An example of a record of fuel received at Ithaca yard for 11/70. I have a stack of these discovered in the yard office in 1998! (from photocopy, some of the originals were too rotted to save). These are the yellow copy of a carbon paper document

Sample Oil Tag

This blank tag was used for a note, found with the fuel bills described above. Although made from a photocopy I still have the original, which is on a dark brown stock. Otherwise self-explanatory

Timetable Pages

From the last LV timetable (8/10/75), showing the entire Buffalo Division Main

Operator's manual

This GP38AC Manual (cover) belonged to an LV engineer who still works for Conrail today, Jake Burkhart. Click Here to see an engine diagram from the manual

Annual Reports

Here's what the annual reports looked like for '66. '67. Click Here to see the '68 and '69 reports. When these arrive I'll post some of the figures, it promises to be scary!

More to Come

Documents I can scan in as time allows - timetables and rule books available. Your input helps, what do YOU want to see here?

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